When will distributions be made?

At this time, we do not have a timetable for distributions. We are still in the process of reviewing all claims filed. All distributions will be made at the same time, once all claims have been reviewed and the court has issued an order allowing distribution. Even though some creditors are subject to a Motion to Strike or Reclassify, and the judge has issued an order granting the Motion, their distribution will still occur at the same time as all other creditors. Even if a creditors claim is not subject to a Motion to Strike or Reclassify their distribution will occur at the same time as all other creditors. All distributions will be mailed to creditors on the same day.

Do I need to contact my creditors?

The business conducted by Allegro Law, LLC was that of debt settlement and or debt management. All activity previously conducted by Allegro Law, LLC has now ceased pursuant to provisions within the United States Bankruptcy Code. The Bankruptcy Court does not render advice about your future relationship with your creditors. This is a matter that you should consider in light of your best interests. If you feel the need, you may contact legal counsel of your choosing about this subject.

Do I need to start paying my creditors directly?

See above.

Did Allegro Law, LLC, file a bankruptcy petition for me?

No. Allegro Law, LLC itself filed a bankruptcy petition. May of those receiving the documents from the Court think that a bankruptcy petition was filed on their behalf. Unless you have filed a bankruptcy petition through your attorney, no bankruptcy petition was filed incident to the Allegro Law, LLC filing.

Does the Bankruptcy Court have my correct address?

At this time the Bankruptcy Court has no addresses for Allegro Law, LLC customer/clients. Attempts are being made to obtain the Allegro Law, LLC customer/client addresses from a third party processor. Following the receipt of these addresses and the mailing of the Notice of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case to all former customer/clients, the Trustee and claims agent employed by the Bankruptcy Estate will establish a procedure, subject to Court approval, for correction or amendment of mailing addresses for former Allegro Law LLC customer/clients.

When will I receive information in the mail about Allegro Law, LLC?

You will only receive information in the mail about Allegro Law, LLC, if it directly pertains to your claim. No bankruptcy case updates will be made through the mail. Please visit allegrobankruptcy.com to receive all general information regarding the bankruptcy case.

When will I receive money paid to/withdrawn/held by Allegro Law, LLC?

The timing of distributions is uncertain at this time. The actual timing of distributions will depend on a variety of factors including whether the funds were received before or after the bankruptcy petition filing, the length of time for the bankruptcy claims process and Court approval of dividend payment.

Will Allegro Law, LLC keep taking funds from my checking/savings account?

No. For those customer/clients that made payments via ACH debit, the company responsible for this activity ceased the debits on April 5, 2010. There should not be any future ACH debits from any customer/client accounts on behalf of Allegro Law, LLC.

How can I get copies of my invoices from their creditors?

The Bankruptcy Court maintains no documents related to Allegro Law, LLC customer/clients. If you need copies of statements or invoices from your creditors, it is recommended that you make contact with your creditor.

Where can I go to learn more information about the Allegro Law, LLC bankruptcy?

Please visit allegrobankruptcy.com for all updates and information pertaining to the Allegro Law, LLC bankruptcy. All information will be updated immediately when the stages of the bankruptcy proceedings change. Due to the volume of emails sent to the Trustee’s office, any emails simply asking for the status of the bankruptcy case or when will distributions be made will no longer be responded to. All updates will be, and are, made through the allegrobankruptcy.com website.

Where can I get my records/account information from Allegro Law, LLC?

The trustee in the case of Allegro Law, LLC has no record/account information of any former customer/client. It is the responsibility of the former customer/clients of Allegro Law, LLC to work along with their bank and/or creditors to gather all the information they have provided Allegro Law, LLC.