October 21, 2014

On October 21, 2014, in Allegro Law LLC.,

If you have yet to receive your distribution check and you are entitled to receive a check pursuant to the Order approving the ITFR please email our office via the “Contact Us” tab at the top of this website. Once you have selected the “Contact Us” tab, then please select the “Other” tab under Common Questions and include the following information: Your full name, address, email address, phone number and a statement indicating that your have yet to receive your distribution check. All inquiries regarding distribution checks need to be made in writing and through this website only. Inquires made over the telephone will be referred back to this website to use the above stated procedure.


October 17, 2014

On October 17, 2014, in Allegro Law LLC.,

Please refer back to the September 10, 2014 status update for information as to the status in this case and for information as to distribution you may be receiving in the mail. 

As stated in the September 10, 2014 status update, we have mailed all interim distributions in this case pursuant to the Court’s Order approving the ITFR. As expected, we have had many of those checks returned as having invalid addresses. We have attempted to contact every creditor whose mail was returned. However, we have been unable to reach a majority of the creditors with invalid addresses on record with the Court. The following is a list to date of the creditors (it will be updated as we receive more—please check frequently if you have not received your check) who we have been notified that have invalid addresses on record with the Court: 

Verna Adams

Hania Abdel-Hadi

Antonio Alburquerque

Marita Alexander

Deborah Anderson

Mandy Anglen

Lewis Beckett

Samantha Bornds

Ronald Braddock

Dorothea Brunelle

Lawrence Burrison

Shanisha Campbell

Maria Chaffers

Steven Cooperman

David Cruz

Estate of Brooks Dean

Estate of Christopher Didas

Karen Dillon

David and Donn Decoursey

Gary DeGroot

Gracita Dimapeles

Brenda Dodge

Hilary Erbe

Nick Ferrari

Christy Floyd

Tressa Floyd

Joe Ford

Danielle Fudge

Marsha Gaskey

Mariam Gerges

Kathleen Gervind

Nicole Gidding

Dominga Gonzalez

Cynthia Gridley

Richard Grooms

Jill Gutierrez

Patricia Guye

Darlene Harris

Jerry Harris

Jantia Hart

James Hayes, Jr.

Estate of Jonathan Hayes

Calvin Henderson

Estate of Gerald Herkimer

Roy Hestand

Hazel Hindsman

Amber Hurd

Laauli Ifopo

Marc Ihrig

Donald Johnson

Frances Jones

Jermaine Joseph

Jeri-Lynn Kirsch

Grace Lang

Charles Langley

Donald Lattimore

Marilyn Lee

Nancy Leslie

Kathie Lindsey

Mary Lucio

Eva Lukosz

Nolan Marrero

Robert Meloni

Heidi Mercer

Mary Merrick

Nikenson Midi

Anthony Mooney

Alice Morris

Stephanie and Joseph Moses

Charles Nance

Angel Pagan

Bridget Patrick

Monique Pearson

Esther Peoples

Nydia Perez

Doreen Perry

Donald Phillips

Kathryn Pierce

Esperaza Pirman

Paulette Powell

Emilio Ramirez

Joseph Raulwolf

Sally Rauwolf

Mark Reid

John Reniker

Yolanda Robinson

Maria Sagun

Judi Schertz

Carole Schoenmaker

Reinhold Schouweiler

Jessica Seyfarth

Lori Shafer

Erin Shine

Rosa Shoupe

Ella Slater

Adrienne Smith

Jessie Smith

Phillip Smith

Richard Smith

Wayne Smith

John Staworski

Cody Stewart

Leslie Strader

Connie Strauser

Dawn Strauser

Susan Tager

Astra Talmage

Annie Thatch

Robert Thatcher

Amara Toure

George Trowbridge

Lauren Trendler

Emmanuela Valescot

Odessa Wagner

Lana Warnicki

Tracey Weaver

Joyce Wentz

Marni Wentzler

John Wiley

James Williams

Andrew Woods

Haowei Yi

Eileen Young

Armando Zamora

Hajrudin Zeco

Joyce Zepp

Lewis Zonfrillo

If your name is on this list that means your distribution checks has been returned to our office. The only way for you to receive your check is to file a change of address form with the Court.

Please remember the checks are dated for August 27, 2014 and will be voided after 90 days. So you will need to file the change of address form ASAP! 

As we are still receiving mail returned to our office, this list will be updated to reflect additional creditors with invalid addresses. Please check this website frequently to ensure your distribution check has not been returned to our office. 

The change of addresses will need to be filed directly with the Court. We have supplied you with a Change of Address form under the “Documents/Forms” tab of this website for your convenience. If your name is listed above, please complete the form and mail it to: United States Bankruptcy Court, Clerk of the Court, One Church Street, Montgomery, Alabama 36104. We would request this be completed as soon as possible.