June 26, 2014

On June 26, 2014, in Allegro Law LLC.,

On June 24, 2014, the Court approved the final Application for Professional Fees and Expenses that we intend to file before moving the Court to allow for interim distribution to creditors. The Trustee’s office anticipates the Interim Trustee’s Final Report (hereinafter ITFR) requesting  to make the interim distribution to be filed with the Court in the next eight weeks. The Court will then set a hearing on the ITFR allowing any party in interest to be heard on any objections to the report. Barring any objections, the Court will issue an Order approving the report. Once the Order is entered approving the ITFR, the Trustee’s office will issue interim distributions to creditors pursuant to the Order approving the ITFR.

As a reminder, if you have moved since filing a claim and have not mailed in a change of address form to the Court it is very important that you do so at this time. The change of address form can be found on the “Documents/Forms” tab and once completed needs to be mailed to the: United States Bankruptcy Court, Clerk of the Court, One Church Street, Montgomery, Alabama 36104.