March 20th, 2014

On March 20, 2014, in Allegro Law LLC.,

As a reminder, all status updates will only be made through this website. Those telephoning our office will be referred to this website for status updates. The newest update may be several months old; however is still current.

We expect to file a request with the Court to be allowed to make an interim distribution to creditors within the 2014 calendar year. However, within the next month our office will be mailing a letter to each creditor that has filed a Proof of Claim. However, if you are currently represented by counsel or if you have transferred your Proof of Claim to a third party you will not receive a letter and will not have to take any further action. The purpose of the letter is to verify the Court has the correct address for each creditor. If you receive the letter and it is addressed correctly then you do NOT have to take any further action. However, if you do not receive a letter from our office by April 25, 2014, or if you receive the letter and it is incorrectly addressed please mail a change of address request to: United States Bankruptcy Court, Clerk of the Court, One Church Street, Montgomery, Alabama 36104. The change of address request can be found under the “Forms” tab on this website. Our office is unable to entertain change of address requests by telephone or mail; it has to be filed with the Court.

As we begin the process of requesting the Court to allow interim distribution there will be several professionals filing Applications for Professional Fees and Expenses. The applications will be filed by attorneys and accountants that have been employed by the Court to work with the Trustee in this case. Each application will have an itemized list of the time that was spent by that professional and the expenses incurred by that professional and it will be served on creditors pursuant to the Court’s order limiting service. The Court will set a hearing on each application and any party in interest in the Allegro Law, LLC case will be provided an opportunity to object or be heard on the applications. All objections must be with the Court pursuant to Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure. All applications will have to be filed and have a final disposition by the Court before distributions to creditors can occur.

As a reminder, the Trustee’s office is unable to provide legal advice to anyone. All telephone calls to our office will be referred to this website for guidance. If you are in need of advice, or further explanation of the above stated processes, please contact an attorney of your choosing.