August 28th, 2013

On August 28, 2013, in Allegro Law LLC.,

It has come to the Trustee’s attention that those holding claims against the Allegro Law Bankruptcy Estate are under the impression that an ultimate distribution will be the amounts stated in full in the motions filed with the Court. Please be aware that any final distribution is based on the dictates of Title 11, United States Code and computing any  distribution until all claims have been reviewed and all assets recovered by the estate will be difficult and speculative.

As a result of several creditors’ misunderstanding the Motions and their conversations with our office, our office will be referring all telephone callers to review the website and only after reviewing the website ( to call our office if they still have a non-legal question regarding this case. We will be unable to discuss with any creditor the amount they will receive and when distributions will be made. Again, all status updates will be made on the website and all telephone calls to the Trustee’s office will be referred to this website. If you receive correspondence in the mail and are uncertain as to its content please review the website or contact an attorney of your choice for advice.

We have provided an explanation of the Motions to Strike and Reclassify in a post below. Since the Trustee’s office is not allowed to provide legal advice to creditors we cannot give further clarification or individual explanations.

The Trustee is also fully aware there are multiple companies that are contact creditors requesting to purchase the creditor’s Proof of Claim. The practice of “buying” and transferring claims is a common occurrence; however the Trustee or the Court cannot vouch for legitimacy of any particular company. The companies are unaffiliated with the Trustee. If you receive correspondence from one of these companies and have a question regarding the company, please contact the company itself, or an attorney of your choice for advice.

Also, as stated below, the Trustee’s office cannot entertain change of address requests. All change of address requests need to be made to: United States Bankruptcy Court, Clerk of the Court, One Church Street, Montgomery, Alabama 36104.

Finally, any date for distributions cannot be determined at this time since there remains litigation pending in cases related to the Allegro Law bankruptcy case.