June 24, 2010

On June 24, 2010, in Allegro Law LLC.,

As of June 24, 2010, the Allegro Law, LLC Bankruptcy estate employed an accountant to review the records in the hands of the third party processor. Once this review takes place, a Proof of Claim form, the form necessary to file a claim against Allegro Law, LLC, along with instructions and other necessary documents will be mailed to all former customers/clients. Please keep in mind that the review of records in the hands of this third party processor and the approval of a Proof of Claim form may take several weeks.

In addition, a representative from Allegro Law, LLC is to be at a § 341 Meeting of Creditors schedule for the 21st of July 2010. Attendance by potential Allegro Law, LLC claimants is allowed but not required.

Once again, neither the Clerk’s office nor the Trustee’s office can provide advice related to this case. Additional information will be provided in subsequent mailings. Should you need immediate information, please consult counsel of your choice. You may also review the Frequently Asked Questions made a part of the web site.